Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Happy Wednesday!! What a wild ride these last few weeks *whew* I did wanna share that smoothie recipe and good news that I've lost about 6 and a half lbs so far...7 is guaranteed by the end of the week so I'll tell you how I'm doing that too :)

So the recipe is this: 1c Ice, 1/2c plain soy milk, 1 tbs (or a little less) semi-sweet choc chips, 1 tsp pb, 1 banana, cinnamon till you're happy, blend. It is soooo good. I call it a fauxcha latte (c), (fake mocha latte) lol!! It tastes like an iced coffee drink.
**OK, with the lb situation, I've been torn on sharing because I'm all about loving the bod and I don't want to contribute to negativity in that area. It isn't about becoming someone else, but being healthy and comfy in my skin, right? So I decided to go slow, starting with the diary for one month (that wasn't easy and I got a little off on some days). I try to exercise at least 3 times a week through walking and going to the gym at work (jogging just isn't happening right now). At the end of the first month, I had lost about 5 lbs!

About 2 weeks in to this, I made a real drasticish change in that I started eating small servings every two hours starting from the point that I eat breakfast. So as an example, if I have a smoothie at 8a, I'll have about 6 rice crackers (usually) and a slice of cheese at 10a, at noon I'll have a few more crackers (like 10) with hummus and a fiber one bar or something sweet if I want it, at 2p, I'll have an apple or whatever is left in my bag (like dried cranberries or raisins), then I wait till I get home for dinner and eat whatever we decide (I try to watch the portions, but didn't cut anything out, though I do avoid things that don't make me feel good). I drink water for the most part. Oh, and I actually like this stuff I'm eating. I choose everything based on what I want to eat.

I've noticed that the end of the day is where I get punchy so I try to remember another fruit or something because if I don't I get home and graze!! I'm also now doing this on the weekends. I didn't before because it's harder to schedule, but I'm ready to adjust now. I hate writing super long posts so I'll share more later....there is lots more. I hope this is helpful to anyone interested!! It's tough...not the habit changing (that's why I chose to go slow), but because I feel great and am ready to leap into my goal, but it takes TIME!! I don't look a whole lot different. My clothes do fit a little better and my face shows it, but that's all right now. I've come to be cool with that, finally :) OK, done for real!

*love and super huge hugs*


**This isn't adivce!! I am not an expert, just sharing what I'm doing.


  1. That is so great Jennifer! You are doing awesome! Thanks for being the catalyst to get me started! Besides the food journal, I have made a huge leap of change by getting up earlier in the morning and going for a walk BEFORE showering! In all my life I have never done anything like this, for me it is miraculous! I started at 30 minutes and now walk 50 minutes. My neighborhood is hilly and there is one hill in particular I am trying to conquer. It is only 1 block long, but I am usually out of breath when I get to the top! When it is too hot for this, I will do a Leslie Sansone 4 mile DVD, but I am really loving the walks!

  2. Yay for you, Amazing one ! I love the healthy, go slow to go fast approach you are taking. Brava, brava!

  3. Congratulations! And I'm totally gonna have to try that. It sounds yummy!

  4. Jenni, you inspired me.

    I think you have a knack for healthiness and articulating how to go about it. Thank you, more please writings and recipes. Peace, L, X. Missed ya.