Sunday, 22 August 2010

Here we go!!

Hey friends!!  I have a new blog!  I'll be changing Phineas and Lou to show more of my art, which I think I will eventually sell (or show as the case may be) in that shop.  I've stopped knitting/crocheting as much since my hands were in bad shape with pain and numbness at times and for all that, it is slow to sell.  I really want to work from home so I had to keep on moving. Each time I get a little closer to where I'm going I think :)

I started a new blog called Sexy Moments based on a mini-book I wrote some years ago.  The blog link is "Sexay Moments" because it's not available though there isn't blog by that name...grrr!!  Anyhow, It goes with a new shop that I'll be launching soon...a whole new direction...turning the giant will be had!

*Love and evolving hugs*


Monday, 16 August 2010

Bits and pieces

Originally uploaded by Jennifer4now

Please click to see the non-blurry version of this painting :/  I hurt my back this weekend so I'm hobbling around, but happy otherwise.  How are  you?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Being bigger...bigger being

edited, originally uploaded by Jennifer4now.

Part of this says...
....Abandoning, abandoned,


Letting go

Clinging to life

I'm turning a humongous ship around and determined to have fun!!