Sunday, 22 August 2010

Here we go!!

Hey friends!!  I have a new blog!  I'll be changing Phineas and Lou to show more of my art, which I think I will eventually sell (or show as the case may be) in that shop.  I've stopped knitting/crocheting as much since my hands were in bad shape with pain and numbness at times and for all that, it is slow to sell.  I really want to work from home so I had to keep on moving. Each time I get a little closer to where I'm going I think :)

I started a new blog called Sexy Moments based on a mini-book I wrote some years ago.  The blog link is "Sexay Moments" because it's not available though there isn't blog by that name...grrr!!  Anyhow, It goes with a new shop that I'll be launching soon...a whole new direction...turning the giant will be had!

*Love and evolving hugs*


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