About Me :)

This is me...*cheeeese*

I'm a mom, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, creator (little "c"), full time career decision helper, and I love modeling, singing, and dancing even though I don't do any of those particularly well, lol!

I'm ever evolving and tend to display some of that right here on my blog.  I'm terrible at being pitchy so I hope you think my blog and my stuff is cool.  That would be awesome :)

I love and am inspired by the 80's yoga, good people, color, yummy food, love, meaningful connections and on and on.  I'm just human.  I breathe, I have a soul, I love and hurt and throw my head back and I laugh waaaay too loud.

You can contact me at phinanlou@yahoo.com if you like. Oh...my name is Jennifer/Jen I don't offer people to call me Jenny, but a select few end up calling me that and it's sort of endearing :)