Saturday, 29 May 2010

All at once

It's a rare Saturday post for me, but I think I'll be too tied up with a work conference till the end of the week to post later. Anywho, recently Etsy posted an article about getting Denise Huxtable's style which was so awesome because this is a part of my design direction for the fall. YAY!!
Photo grabbed from a google search.

I think Denise's style embodies what I value and what I feel right now: an interesting concoction of vulnerability and strength.

At any given moment in time, I balance being a full time mom, wife, daughter, sister, and career person. In the significant spaces between I am an entrepreneur, friend, and just me. Each of my roles has a subset of responsibilities (a job description if you will) and require me to be fully present in order for me to feel that I've done them well. Of course I fall short more times than I'd like. I like to get things "right".

Somehow, when I knit or create a piece in other media...I feel like all is right with the world. In some amazing way, the coming together of fiber and colors speaks a truth that isn't, for me, something that can ever be written accurately. Truth that can be written accurately? I'm tired. I'm exhausted really, but what happens if I stop? If I stop, I stop.

I'm excited about this fall and what's to come in my work. I can't wait to share!! *I know that reads like a huge leap, but if we were talking, I would have sighed, taken a deep breath as I thought a few things through, and then you'd see that I came to a little bit of resolution that led me to excitement, ha!)

OK, another really long post, sorry! I'll try to update this week, otherwise later gators! (I heard a guy with a tattoo on his very muscular bicep say that today.)

*love and ginormous hugs*


  1. I really liked that Etsy article - thanks for posting the link. And it sounds like you really have come to some kind of resolution that makes you feel better - hooray for that!

  2. I know the feeling of everything else falling away when we create and it is a Heavenly one ! Thank God for those moments and fidning them whenever we can. That is part of really living, I think.
    Excited to here about what is new and exciting. Not so excited that you skipped Summer completely when I am just thinking how wonderful this slow down season is going to be, but I forgive you for that, Go-Go Gadget Girl !
    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend - ginormous hugs back !

  3. I need to do some crocheting this summer to get ready for fall, but it gets a little harder for me when the warm weather starts. I also can relate to how good it feels to create. I mostly crochet and knit a little and I feel so good while doing it and when I complete a work!

  4. That's so cool, I liked the way you described it as vulnerability and strength, which reflects the inner us really.

    As a child, I thought she was the most beautiful thing, well one of them and found her style quirky but fun, sort of daring in the mishmash colour eighties.

    On your knit, one day if I take dance classes again, might go to your etsy for a pair of leg warmers, another relic from the eighties.

  5. I don't consider myself a fashionista at all, but this was the style that I aspired to in my youth. It still comes throughnow and again.

    So I am looking forward to your work.