Friday, 4 June 2010


Little fro ~ cross processed
Originally uploaded by Jennifer4now

I had such a good time learning cool stuff for the day job. The conference was in Orlando, of palm trees to come soon :) While I was there and sleepless (soft beds, but just not home) I took pictures of my hair in different looks. Here's one right after washing at like midnight and just before twisting. I think it looks pretty good :) The shot is blurry, but I like the feeling. I'm having fun figuring out all I can do with the do :) Fun is gooood!

It's so good to be back! I'm off to see what you in blog world have been up too.

*lurve and good hugs*

(Did you catch the theme of this post, lol!)


  1. I love your little fro ! You look soft and feminine in that picture. I can also see how that do would be great to accesorize- head bands, funky earrings on your pretty neck...

    Glad you have fun at the conference. I hope the weekend has so family fun for you too.
    Hugs !

  2. I love your hair in the picture! You look great in that style! Glad you had a good conference! BTW, my monthly gift has interrupted my exercise routine, but I am actually looking forward to returning to it in a few days! Unfortunately at this time of the month I become ravenously hungry! Will have to work on that!

  3. You look mah-ve-lous dahling.