Tuesday, 18 May 2010


ROAR!!! Momma lion has been busy and I think I've found what my little guy needs. It's been hell....pure hell when it comes to math in a lot of ways, but I think I've unlocked what's happening. I'll update when I know for sure.

I'm happy to announce that my creativity has been unlocked and I made a new hat...yay!!! I knew if I'd just wait, it would come...and now, again, I have too many ideas and not enough time.
There was a third thing, but I don't remember, lol! I am listening to Billy Joel...Always a Woman. It's so interesting hearing him as a younger guy versus a more recent version (yes, I listened to both to compare)...you can hear the passion. I think time unlocks
passion...what do you think? Oh yay, three unlocked things!

Happy Tuesday and I have a smoothie recipe to share soon!

*love and hugs*



  1. I love the hat! And can't wait to see the smoothie recipe as I LOVE them! I fell off the food journal wagon again, but are back on now! Not a pound lost yet! Yikes, I hope it clicks for me soon!

  2. Gorgeous hat !
    Hope the solutions come for the boy soon.
    I hope the creative flow is a nice, long smooth one.
    Big Love to you !

  3. Very late commenting, but wanted to say that the hat is beautiful. I love those colors!

    And good news about the solution(s)!