Sunday, 16 May 2010

Away, always, aw ay (just kidding about that last one, I just like things in 3s)

I've been away for just over a week, but it feels like years! I have been working on undoing this hair and almost done...the process landed me in the emergency with numbness that eventually spread to most of my body. It wasn't actually numbe so much as I could perceive the feelings I was feeling...make sense? Turns out that I was messing with some important stuff by having my hands up for so many hours over 4 weeks. I'm fine now though. I have a new respect of every little part of this body.

I plan on possibly being away a little longer because I need to read more about making my business a business that can help my family. I've had to be momma lion for my little one @school and if I can, at minimum, work part time to be there for him, then I need to use what I have to make that happen. I want to homeschool if possible. He needs me (more on that later).

And now enjoy one of my all time and forever favs...Always a Woman! *love and hugs* Jen


  1. Oh, Jennifer, sounds like you are going through a big adjustment period, my friend ! Take care of you and listen to that Momma Lion instinct - it will lead you straight, I think.
    Be good to you too !
    Big Love !

  2. Yikes - the issues caused by hands in the air sound awful! Who knew? I am glad you are all right.

    Hope all else is well, or at least OK. Thought about you all the other day while watching the Cavs lose in the playoffs (really depressing for my husband!)


  3. Ooh! Always have help for that sweetheart! p.s. knowing I have to take them down one day is always one of the ways I end up talking myself out of getting microbraids.