Friday, 9 July 2010


Oh gosh, I'm not sure why I screeched out "peace", but it's done now :/ I'm thinking of doing outtakes on Fridays, but I'll have to censor some of them for language. I get a little saucy when it takes me like 5 tries to get it right enough to put out there, ha!

Have a wonderful weekend great people.

*love and screechy hugs*



  1. Hi Jen - hope you have a great weekend too. Glad things are settling down a bit for you. And of course, I'd love to hear the story of your hair! My only hair story that I've been cutting it myself for many years because I got so tired of hairdressers telling me that my hair was ugly and "needed" dye, streaks, perms, etc. to make it look decent (who needs that kind of input!?)


    P.S. I've been thinking about you and L. because we've been watching/reading all the coverage re LeBron (we both feel that he has the right to go wherever he wants but that the way he made his announcement was extremely tacky).

  2. Having a cozy weekend with the man. We have a bbq at his dad's tomorrow - poolside which is nice. I will wear my bathing suit in public there because I have learned how very much I love to swim and that I refuse to let my insecurities about my lumps and big bumps to keep me from doing something I love and that is really, really good for me.
    I hope your weekend was full of joyful screeching ! Hugs, Beautiful One !

  3. Mish...I think many of us with hair stories probably have similar stories...I stopped going to the hair dresser since early this decade because of awful and belittling experiences too! Not all were bad, but enough were.

    Kim...I'm so glad you're going and wearing your bathing suit! Have so much fun!!

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    I adore your new hair! It really suits you, keep it. Missed you and our "pancake" notes. Peace! back, that was cute - keep it too! Love, X.

    P.S. I have had a week out of wack too, but such is life. Funny word.... wack.