Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I love my hair!

Oh gosh, this feels like a real "me-fest" but please indulge me for just a second :) So I have been bursting to talk about my hair and this article on Mom's of Hue was just the motivation I needed to finally do it. I wrote out the story, it's an important story, but for now forget the story. We all have baggage right? So in simplest terms and giving no power to past societal or personal foolishness:

I love it big and free...so true to my heart and spirit.
(Back in the day I wanted gorgeous hair like my mom and all those ladies on Dynasty, lol!)

I love that it is so versatile and springy. Somehow it is my contribution the the lovely tapestry that is us in this world.

(Why yes, that is my hair collage up there.)

I love that my hair whirls and curls like a fine work of art and that when I feel funky...my hair can go there.

I love how my hair looks in hats.
As I've come to know and love my hair with it's possibilities and limitations, I feel so dangerously sexy. It isn't about perfect hair days or getting attention...It's something I don't have words for yet. I feel strong, powerful, lovely, and vulnerable all at the same time (OK, maybe I have a few words).

I love my hair!

*love and love our hair hugs*


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I would like to hear the whole story some time if it's appropriate for the blog.


    P.S. Got caught up following the sidebar links on the Moms of Hue blog - some pretty amazing stuff.

  2. I'm grinning and sharing with you the wonderfulness of being grateful and luxuriating in the beauty of us as we are. Thanks for the uplifting message. :)

  3. love the hair collage! you have so many cute looks! :)

  4. I love your hair too!! All the pictures in your collage are so cute :)

  5. It looks beautiful! Glad you did it!

  6. Yay, thanks Jennifer! Sometimes hairstyles can be hats-metaphorically speaking, and that too is okay. And sometimes they are leaves and flowers, extensions of our roots and all that we possess within. I never really paid much attention to your hair because you're one of those women who for me fit into this oneness where your locks and springs were just an extension of the whole; free, fun, and fabulous. Thanks for shouting out Moms of Hue-we really appreciate it, and you.

  7. love love love this! It made me so happy to read and look through the photos :)