Monday, 28 June 2010

Is it too cheap to use Happy Monday as a title???

Helloooo! Apparently my photobooth is still a bit off :( Anyhow, I meant to say I hope that is going well with you, not just going or however I said it, lol! I'm also a little distressed that I said this is "Jenniferrrrr". I think I channeled the valley-speak that I learned from watching too many episodes of Square Pegs (a show that really needs to be brought back...if Barney Miller is back then I need some Square Pegs back in my life.) OK, I didn't know I was going to have a mini meltdown...sorry about that :) Have a happy Monday guys!!

Here's the article I mentioned with Team Bacon you should check out the whole blog. Lots of funny, quirky people and killer stuff in their Etsy shops!

*love and sage hugs*



  1. cute cute cute Jen (Phin!)... nice to see you in person!....
    Yeah TeamBacon!
    Luv It!

  2. I really liked your article on the Team Bacon blog. It looks like such a fun team! (I'm a soy bacon person, myself :)!) And your remarks about the library book were too funny.

    P.S. going to the doctor Wednesday for a re-evaluation - wish me luck! I think the physical therapy is helping although it is NOT FUN.