Monday, 19 July 2010

The Flood

In the middle of a new project...

Whew, it's been rough to muster up whatever it takes to write something. Sometimes the flood of self-doubt comes rushing in a nothing feels good enough. My hermit tendencies kick in strong and I just want to hide or I feel like I've been so exposed that I need to retreat a while. It would be simple if I would then just chill, but it's the standards I set. It's the expectations I have of myself that I impose on others and then I think I failed them.

The mind is a tricky beautiful place. I'm working to break down my obligations into smaller bites. To stop believing that there are things ~ simple things that I can't do because for whatever reason I fear not doing them perfectly. I get so overwhelmed. Even with this...even with the flood, I feel better now than I ever have because I understand now. I understand when the anxiety comes and the fears get too big to handle, that I'm just trying too hard to be whatever it is I think I'm supposed to be. I understand now that I've just taken too big a bite and that I need to make things smaller. I understand that it's worth it to move forward because standing still would look very much the same. I understand that the flood will pass and yep, every little thing is gonna be alright :)

*love and gentle, understanding hugs* I'll get back when I can :)



  1. irie, irie, irie! It will be all right. Deep breath.
    Thanks for your feedback on my artwork. I needed that. It was important.
    And...Bob Marley...HA!I was just on stage last night with Ziggy...really! I just wrote up about it on my blog. Love the reggae...makes me chill!
    Take care:)

  2. “ maybe offering something to the world is living what you would want to offer. maybe it's not any more than living it.
    and maybe that's the hardest thing of all....... ”
    ~terri st. cloud

    A quote that arrived in my inbox today from Bonesighs...I felt it deeply and when I read your post I thought maybe you would too.
    Be gentle with that Beautiful Self, and every little thing is gonna be alright. Love to you !

  3. Wise and true, glad you have this marvellous capacity for learning and growing.

    Peace and love across oceans...

  4. Some days I'm really bad at even thinking of what to say in comments - let alone blog posts! - but just wanted to say thanks for stopping by, and I hope that everything is OK.

    Love and purrs from Katie and the cats