Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A moment of wild inspiration

Two weeks (or so) ago, I just *had* to knit some shorts. It was in my bones so I had to honor the creative spirit...
Sometimes inspiration is like wild friend who thinks you should dye your hair red..."Yeah you should do it!!" But then, when you've got the color in your hair and 10 minutes have passed, you realize that good idea or's all yours now, ha!
Then committment kicks in...knit, purl, knit, purl, switch colors...several hours and 5" in, only 2" more to go...I can do this...and things start to take shape. Suddenly, "Why did I think this was a good idea" gives way to..."I really do rock, don't I?" Thanks inspiration!

Then suddenly, whatever inspiration planted in your bones becomes something you can touch and feel and you try to find just the right light so that the picture tells the whole truth.

I hope you like my shorts :) I'm so proud of them!

What have you been inspired to create lately? Tell me, tell me :)

*love and giant inspiration-filled hugs*



  1. What a hoot! Knit shorts. What IS IT about that creative spirit!! (I call it my-creative-spirit-come-calling and ALWAYS welcome it with open arms.) It's those lovely 'what if' moments. Maybe it triggers the endorphins or maybe it's the other way around. ANYway, thanks for stopping by my blog. I often find bloghopping to be just the thing I need to get the juices flowing....that and a good cup of coffee and a meandering traipse around the blooming yard. :) Pam

  2. Those are AMAZING. They look so great on you too!

    Re inspiration - not so much lately because of all the physical issues I've been having. The quilt book I posted about - the one Tasha chewed on :) - was extremely inspiring, and I do plan to make some quilts based on some of the ideas in it. (

  3. love the shorts and that is some mighty fine knitting!
    the past few days I have been painting my own Russian stacking dolls! I bought the blank set at Hobby Lobby for 40 percent off of 6.99 so I thought I didn't have much to lose if they didn't come out good!

  4. I've come over via Darlenes blog.

    YOurs shorts made me smile. I have to admit i have never seen knitted shorts before. I think they are fantastic. Wish I could knit. Do you wanna teach me.

  5. I think they are fabulous, really! And, so much more stylish than high waisted white pants!

    xo Sherry

  6. I think the shorts are marvelous but they make me thing "Hot !!!!" and not in the way you might want me to be thinking but it is 90 degrees here today. I think they will be awesome in the next season that I will not mention yet though... ;)
    Happy Friday, you knitting Fool ! ;)

  7. Those are sooo cool. I think a mini skirt would be great too!