Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dip baby, Dip!

Guacamole, originally uploaded by Jennifer4now.

We had an impromptu cook out/family and friendfest today!I I was commissioned to make the guacamole and cole slaw. I'm not as passionate about slaw so I put it together quickly to get it over with, but the guac... I think I could live off of dips. I love making them fresh and lately, I've added cayenne pepper to everything. I love the fire!

Making a good dip, to me, requires such a balance because I like mine that perfect somewhere between chunky and smooth. The garlic and onion have a little wiggle room, but not much, the lemon/lime juice needs to be just right and the pinch of seasonings has to be felt, it's nothing a spoon can really capture. Ahhhh, I love my dip baby dip!

Remember this song from the 90's? It was a staple at parties, though I've never been to good at executing dance crazes, lol!

Happy Saturday :)

*love and dippy hugs*


  1. this is the second blog post about guacamole! I must make some tomorrow, yours looks delicious!

  2. Thanks for tootsie roll boogie this morning ! Hmmm, I think I need me some dip, baby, dip !
    I hope Sunday is a fun one too !
    Big Love !

  3. I love to make guac. Love the onion on yours. I remember that song too.