Friday, 11 June 2010

Sun hat

Sun hat
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*Sigh* I made it to Friday and kicked the be-hind of a huge project that needed completion...OK, maybe it wasn't that *huge* as projects go, but for a while, it had me in a choke hold :-)

Soooo, how do you like the sun hat? (See Kim, I'm still in summer mode, lol!) I actually made it for a coworker. I was dying to make a sunhat and for a cloche-style pattern and then creative energies came together with google to produce this pattern! Thank you so much to the woman who put this out there. I used recycled cotton yarn, which I think is perfect for this!

I'm thinking of making a knit pattern so I can knit some mittens to match for fall...oops, me and that "f" word!

Have a great Friday good people :)

*love and sun hatty hugs*


  1. Nice sun hat. How and where do you get recycled yarn?

  2. I know you made it for a friend, but it looks great on you too! I like the shape a lot.

  3. Very cute SUMMER hat, lovely One !
    I hope you have a great weekend of recovery from your big week.
    Big Love to you.

  4. Thanks for the love on the sun hat! JR, it's Lion Brand Recycled yarn. I get it from JoAnns.