Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Tunnel

I was thinking about stuff and how hard times hit everybody in one way or another...and maybe why...

I didn't figure out why, but I did figure out what everyone already knows. We're all just human and sometimes life is really like a dark tunnel and all you can do is move through it. It's funny how when it's dark, it seems like all things are still, but the truth is, if you're moving, your moving and the nice thing about tunnels is that they tend to take you to the other side and not in a circle back to where you started (based on my extreeeemly limited knowledge of tunnels)!

When I knit it's sort of like practice for life's tunnels. There's often a point of pure, clear uncertainty. My hands get tired, my mind thinks of the next project, I make one false move and have to undo a whole row (or five) to fix it. It isn't because I wasn't careful enough (ok, sometimes), smart enough, creative enough...on and on...it's just the tunnel and I'm just human.

The project up there (sorry about the bad shot) isn't done yet. I'm still fully immersed in the tunnel on this one, but soon, my friends, and argyle something or other...nope not tellin'...will appear!

Happy Tuesday :)

*love and huge hugs*


  1. This is a really good analogy - I think the key to being able to handle tunnels is to feel like you are moving forward.

    And I'm impressed that you can do argyles! I like the colors you have chosen.

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on Miss Tasha's Tortie Tuesday "Foxy Friday" post! She's been strutting around the house ever since the boy cats in New Zealand picked her as a "fox" (they do a couple of picks a week) - it's like she knows or something :).

  2. Ha, Mish!! I could imagine Miss Tasha strutting. That's the cutest thing I've heard today!!

  3. I think some days (weeks or months or years) are tunnels and others are wide open spaces, which are great but harder to know where you are going because there are not always landmarks you recognize. At least in a tunnel, you know you have to keep moving straight...

    Ouch, my brain hurts from all this thinking...I am off to make an art mess instead.
    Big Love to you, my friend !