Thursday, 29 April 2010

In progress

Things have slowed a bit so I'm on a streak here right? It's been a while since I painted, but when the mister had to get up for work at 3:30 am I couldn't get back to sleep. This image was swirling around my brain and demanding here it is! I'm not sure if I'm done, though one awesome flick contact person says that I am :-)

I feel like sleeping as I type! Thanks to you guys for letting me vent about blog or not to blog...that isn't the question though. I think the real question is feeling valuable. Oh that's another post for another day!

*love and hugs*


  1. Love your tights !
    I hope some answers come to you questions, Lovely One. And here's to knowing our own intrinsic value.
    Big Love !

  2. I love the painting - as you know, I really like your artwork. And I think you are intrinsically valuable!

    P.S. Happy birthday! Hope it's a wonderful day.