Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Being there

Where I am..."showing up" as I've heard it said.
I have learned that it is fully possible to arrive to a place
and never be there.
Living day to day hoping for something different
losing what is.
It's a trick of the mind to believe that change comes
in a new day
when the heart and soul of the hoper (yes I made that up) remain the same.
It's not worth believing that today, no matter how hard, is not good.
I sigh and move
slow, slower, and slower still.
Bathe in the sun.
Play in the rain.

OK, I can't focus on just business or just me or just anything! I try hard to be what I should, but I guess I'm just who I am...and I'm 35 now!! I had a good birthday, thanks Mish!

*love and hugs* Jen


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Beautiful Jennifer !

    I hope you have a day today where where you be is just right. ;)
    Love to you !

  2. happy birthday Jennifer! I enjoy your writing!
    Thanks for asking me about the journaling! I just started up again today after being away in Florida last week! I need to keep doing this soooo bad! Hope that yours is still going well now that cake time is over!