Monday, 18 January 2010

Love, love, love!

Hey friends, happy MLK, Jr. Day! This post was recorded Sunday, but I'm just posting today so ignore the mention of Sunday, oops :D Anyhow, I hope you enjoy Christian's cameo and the Love, wristbands! I'm so excited about my wristbands and one thing I didn't mention is that $10 (50%) of the sale will go to Partners in Health to support Haiti.

Oh, and here is the link to Thomas Moore's blog that I mentioned. Check out the January 15th post. I love it!

Ok good people, I must go. Please send love, light, prayers, and positive vibes for my little nephew-to-be. Everyone's healthy, this has just been challenging!! I hope for health and happiness for you too.

*Love and hugs*

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  1. Hmm...lots of thoughts evoked by Thomas Moore. I have always liked the idea of approaching life as an apprentice and not an expert. I guess I like those words better than idiot or fool some how ! ;) One big lesson that I am learning and trying to bring into knowing is that even when I am on my death bed, there will still be things on the to do list or the needs fixing list. Celebrating how far we come and what work we do working towards getting better is definitely a good things - as is excepting that we will never really even get there ! :)

    I love the cuffs with the hearts ! I can't have wool touch my hands or my wrists though - I get a super itchy allergy to it. Maybe a cotton version though ? Just a thought.

    Things are good here. We had a big snow today and I stayed in all day. Making birdies for a big order. David and the tenant upstairs did the shoveling and snowblowing. Perfect way to celebrate MLK - doing what you love !
    Have a good week, lovely Jennifer !