Thursday, 21 January 2010


I appreciate today. I'm grateful for today. (knock wood) I am exhausted today after two days of very little sleep due to waking up at 2am and 3am respectively. I had fun taking my sister to the doctor and spending the afternoon with her. Love.

I am excited about an idea that I have to help my sweet son with math. It involves handmade domino cards and lots of repetition, ok, and some change for his hard work (saving for a toy is a great incentive.) The change isn't really bribery...he counts what we give him, working in yet another skill he's expected to master. He felt happy and proud of himself...ahhh, mission accomplished. More love.

G'night good people (or g'day if you catch this tomorrow, which will then be today)....okay, need sleep now.

*love and hugs*


  1. Jen you always make me smile. Good deal on helping the little one with math. Math isn't the easiest thing to have fun with, but it's a necessary evil!

    Have a wonderful Friday...I hope you're getting some rest.

  2. Making learning fun and rewarding is the key !!! As a former elementary school teach, I so love to hear stories like yours! Who knows, maybe your sweet boy will end up loving the numbers and becoming an accountant for your hugely successful art with heart business !

    I hope the weekend has you playing a lot and getting some rest in too.
    Love to you !