Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Last day of work till what that January's basically next week, I like saying it this way :D

Today I had an appointment and I was ready to help, but found myself helped just by hearing the person's story. People are and complex. (At least the ones I pay attention to are!) I really envy Oprah and Ellen because they get to hear so many stories. I love hearing life stories. *sigh*

What a great last day at work (*knock on wood*). Here's to hearing and making some wonderful stories of our own!

*love, hugs, and glass clinks*


  1. Clink, clink ! Enjoy your break from work !
    I hope you have some moments worth making stories about !;)
    Merry Christmas, beautiful One !

  2. Hi Jennifer! I'm finally getting around to visiting. I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!


  3. I love love love life stories too. I only read autobiographies because I love life stories so much.