Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome 2010 and a math metaphor...Delicious!

So 2010 is here and the goofy side of me feels great that 10 is half of 20 and that the whole number can be divided by two as well 20 and 10 individually (they can be divided by 5 also. I love numbers that can be divided by 2, 3, and 5 for some reason). There are so many possibilities and hopefully that translates into a good year ahead, lol!

In other news, life has been quite busy. Vacation was a whirlwind culminating in my sister's hospitalization (sis and baby are fine) and dancing the night away with little ones. Over the week I've asked myself, who am I? what do I believe, in a spiritual sense? what's my style? Where am I going in life? How do I define loving myself? After much reflection, I bought some black nail polish and painted my toe nails (tres badass, which is so me, ha), then washed my hair in my very favorite brand shampoo and conditioner, and put on eye shadow even though we weren't doing anything fancy...the answers were in the activity...and then the math metaphor...

In algebra it's all about simplifying your answer...boiling down the stuff in the equation to get to the solution. For me...boiling down the questions and just being. I had fun. I saw my sister today and we laughed hard till I cried and was so thankful that she is loved by a really great guy. I listened to my dad's and mom's stories about what the city used to be and felt enriched. Happy New Year friends!!

*love, hugs, and great things ahead*


  1. You darling girl. Happy New Year and I appreciate the big questions, a daily thing for me - drop us a mail and we'll talk it over ;)

    I hope your sister and her little one feel much better soon and am glad that your family are so close, how blessed.

  2. So glad your sis and babe are okay. So glad that you are asking those big questions and appreciating the little answers. So glad that you are loving that wonderful Self a little more each day. What a way to start it all...
    Big big New Years love to you, my lovely friend.