Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A new and honest direction...

I think I might be too serious. I get intense about things that make other people laugh, but then again I laugh at things that make other people get intense. (Not laugh ha, ha per se...ok, sometimes, but I'd never laugh at another person's expense.)

For this and many other reasons, I feel like I'm often out of touch with the world and wonder if that would cause my demise. Will typing "my demise" cause my demise...and if so, would some radical Chrisitan group find this, add Jesus to it and send it in an email suggesting that mocking Christ (which I am too afraid to do) is what actually caused my demise...and by sending it to 10 other people, you will avoid yours? Probably not because I am not famous :/ (I've actually gotten that email...have you?)

(I secretly feel that typing "my demise" an even number of times will somehow spare my life and so now I'll type it again...my demise. I don't like to think of myself as superstitious though.)

So this is it. More honest...more heart and soul, less of some other stuff...you'll see, just trust me. Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Hi there, Jennifer !

    Just have to say this :
    You are not broken, and you are enough just exactly as you are, you wonderful seeker creative artist wand waving girl.
    That said, more honest, more heart and soul can never be a bad thing anywhere in my book.

    Happy Tuesday to you too, my friend, and Big Love !

  2. So...somehow by the act of some great mystical force you have been gifted with the ability to hear the voices in my head! I so relate to the brutally honest, yet seemingly obscure nature of this post and how out of touch I often feel with-well, maybe not the world itself, but the predominant perception of this space we inhabit. I guess I'd spend more time thinking about my demise if I could perhaps pull myself away from the thought that none of us are actually, really,truly here. Hmmm...Have a fabulous Tuesday, love! :D

  3. @Kim...hugs and thank you for your encouraging words. I love the word "seeker" that one is sticking with me.

    @T...yess!! The voices...I love knowing that the voices exist in other heads, lol.