Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Redefine Everything

Hey good people! I'm back in video :) I love video because it keeps me from getting stuck in my head...my mind is like a Venus Flytrap and no thoughts hovering around are safe from getting trapped in there, lol!

So more about "Who do you think you are?" from the perspective of being an artist. What's a girl like me, in my body, in my skin doing wanting to express things like vulnerability? Isn't that the role of the waif...Isn't sexy, rocker expressed through straight, black, spiky hair? I just don't have that...so what does that mean? Do I accept that I can't occupy those spaces in my skin and in my body, with my little voice wanting to say big things? Or do I redefine everything?


*love and gigantic hugs*


1 comment:

  1. You've given me much food for thought with this post...*hears cogs spinning and motors revving*

    PS I'm glad you're back in video...you're so warm (hugs)