Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Show and Tell

Hello friends! I thought I'd share one of my projects in the works that I'm really excited about. (There are so many reasons why this one is particularly exciting). The others are going well too. I plan to have the bags for the teenagers done this weekend, since the weekends are best for sewing for me. I can't wait to show you...one hint...hand painted pockets!! I also dreamt of the cutest design and so I'm jazzed about that too...in creative block news, I have the most gorgeous butterscotch yarn, but no idea what to do with it...well I do know, but I need to buy more, so that project is on hold. I am fighting with myself to just let me make something, but I'm not happy with anything except the one idea, so I'll wait :/ Does that ever happen to you??

Last but not least, I watched Pride and Prejudice with my husband last night...well, I slept through most of it while he watched, but I love the style. LOVE it. So I think that will heavily influence my spring/summer collection. Think vunterability, lovliness, and strength + soft colors, flow, comfort and sexiness.

OK, time to get moving. I have great news that my husband's aunt is taking her treatment well! This week she has several more and then she'll be monitored for progress. OK, for real this time...have a great day.

*love and hugs*



  1. When you don't know what to do - do nothing. Those were my grandmother's words to me all the time! Wow, I am just full of wisdom from my Women Elders today ! :0) I do believe them though - once the pause it done, the impulse to take action comes. Then you kind of just know...Hope that happens for you and your yarn!
    Congratulations on becoming an Auntie! Such a fun thing to be. Your sister is sure to love that maternity sweater dress filled with sisterly love as well as all the support and care from her sweet sister as she goes through this adventure!
    Have a super day, lovely One !

  2. Jennifer

    Since you fell asleep I guess we can't get a movie review from you? ; )

  3. Good advice Kim...I put the yarn away for now...the time will come soon I think. I have a ton of coupons!

    LOL, CO. I actually like the movie, but a long day at work and snuggly couch made it impossible to stay awake!!

  4. That dress is going to be hot!!! It doesn't make me want to be preggo again though. Your sister is lucky she has a sister who knits so well.

  5. Thanks Brooke! I am so excited about it. *lol, it doens't make you wanna be preggo again* Hopefully she loves it :)