Monday, 16 November 2009

Who do you think you are?

Hey guys!  We got some great news that my husband's aunt's cancer is treatable!!  The process will not be easy, but to see the look in her eyes, *sigh*.  She's ok and ready to face the next step.

Last week, as you could imagine, has been a whirlwind.  Before it and in the midst of it, this question has been sort of nudging and bugging me...Who do you think you are?  I've heard so many self-helpers say that basically everything starts with your thoughts, and I've said ok, but which thoughts...that's bull...nice way to get rich telling me to fix something intangible... (Clearly I didn't take this line of thinking too well.)  But then, in my quest to change and turn the ship that is my life around, something is happening.  

As I resist some of my own efforts, I ask myself why.  Why do I still make certain choices? Once I boil the answers down, I come up with the same conclusion...this is who I think I am.  Then I've asked myself, but is this true? Usually not, usually it's just me *reciting* some old worn out (but comfortable) script or playing the role that I've always played...there is so much here.  This is so important because who you think you are shapes who you think you can be, which is so directly related to what you do...oops, who's sounding like those self-helpers, YIKES???  I can't wait to share and maybe get a video up soon and sorry about all these self-portraits!  I tried to make them a little less about my mug with these outtakes of adjusting my glasses while trying to be modely :)

*Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers too.  I am sure that every positive thought for her and her family makes a difference!*

Love, hugs, and who do you think you are?


  1. Hmmm, you pose an interesting question. I'm one of those oddball types who feels that I've always intrinsically known who I am, but fight mercilessly to just be who I am in spite of who the world (my world; friends, family) think I am or would like me to be. It can be a challenge on both sides, I guess. Anyway, so who am I? I'm Tameka...the only one there's ever been or will ever be. Sorry, there's no special name, or personality type to affix because I'm the only one. There's no right or wrong way to be me, just be. Anyway that's me. Happy Monday!

  2. I am still learning every day who I am. A lot of what I am learning is that I am better than I sometimes think I am. I also know that I am getting tired of looking at what I need to change, and feeling like I should be doing a whole lot more celebrating of what I am that is already GOOD ! More time being and less time thinking about what I want to be.
    And as I am being today, I am sending you love and keeping you and your peeps in my prayers.
    Hugs lovely Girl !