Wednesday, 28 October 2009

When almost counts...

Hey guys!  My voice is almost back.  It's really scratchy, but at least sound comes out now, yay!

So many things to tell, but the coolest was that I was feeling a little angsty and thinking about how to deal with that this morning.  As I was almost about to delve into deep self examination...something inside me thought *just be grateful*.  So I did a mental on 180 and went down a really cool road  of being thankful for a wonderful husband, kid, place to lay my head, on and on and guess who felt better?

Not that I'm breaking ground with this insight, but I realized sometimes feeding the angst is like feeding a'll never be full or satisfied.  Feeding gratefulness, you want more, you want to give more, and somehow your heart feels so full, it overflows...I like that better :) 

To add to the grateful list:  The "Tortilla Soup" hat above was in a treasury the same night I added it to my Etsy shop!   I sold two more pair of leg warmers and am completing the other two orders I have.  It feels amazing and so right to be creating for happy customers!

I hope all is well with you guys :)
*love and hugs*


  1. You got it girl !!!! Going to the place of gratitude is so awesome for what ails you. It seems so simple, doesn't it ? And yet we forget about that tool so often. The joy comes when you remember and get the benefits of it, though, just like you did this morning, You Brilliant Babe You !
    Congrats on the treasury ! That hat is so sweet ! Loving the colors.
    Keep on knitting, lovely One !
    Big grateful hugs to you !

  2. I feel you! Feeding the angst ridden tapeworm is soo tempting but ultimately not good for you. Hope your voice comes back soon!

  3. I have to remember that. "Feeding angst is like feeding a'll never be full or satisfied."

    Congratulations on the sales! And I hope you continue feeling better.

    In the meantime, I've given you two awards back at my blog It sounds like you're kind of busy right now, so don't worry about doing anything with them. Just know your blog is appreciated.