Monday, 26 October 2009

The lost voice

It's official...after days of coughing, I have lost my voice for an undetermined length of time :( I can only whisper, with tiny hints of sound every few hours to remind me that I actually have a voice that will return one day. hmmm...this could so easily be a metaphor. I bet it is, but today my friends, I am too tired. I. am. too. tired.
Enjoy the pic of a little practice swatch before I started the whole sweater that I didn't finish yet :)
Love and hugs!

1 comment:

  1. Love the hearts ! Please rest and get well when you want to (soon if you want it but you should take the time you need - why are we always hurrying everything - even healing ???!...but I digress...)Had a thought as I read this...maybe you have lost your voice because you need to listen instead of speak for awhile ? Just a thought, I am not expert but I know you are open enough to take that thought for what it is worth ! ;)
    Stay cozy and quiet and be really really nice to that lovely friend of mine, okay ?
    ~Gently tucking you in under a softly knitted blanket, kissing your forehead and sending you off to some sweet dreams....~