Saturday, 24 October 2009

mir·a·cle.... \ˈmir-i-kəl\

Hey guys!  I'm still coughing terribly so no vids for a while, that's good though, change is good!  I just wanted to share a little miracle story...

I went to visit my parents because the little person (pictured above) demanded some time with grandma and papa.  As we sat, my dad tells me that, as he was driving the other day,  it hit him that he was "in charge of [his] life".  My dad's a responsible and conscientious person, he loves to golf and enjoy life with friends and family so what he was saying was bigger than was about letting go of shoulds and feeling responsible to other's in a way that took away a sense of freedom.  Bye bye people pleasing and feeling out of control.  He sounded so happy and talked about realizing that he has love...he is loved by us and that's all that matters.  As he expanded on his thoughts...he changed my life.  I love my dad.  

I needed to hear this.  I like to do things *right* so I sometimes get stuck in crossing t's, dotting i's, checking in with all involved to make sure there's an understanding, blah, blah.  On one hand, I tend to be a clear communicator, on the other hand, there is little satisfaction in people and system pleasing as people and systems tend to do whatever they will do regardless of how well I communicated :)  This gave me a little sense of freedom to live from the heart...from my values...from my priorities. Yessss! *raises arms in victorious stance*

Happy Saturday guys!  I'm off to enjoy this life that I'm in charge of :)


  1. What a beautiful post! Amidst and often in spite of the news and other terrible happenings, there is a small place within each of us that is growing and evolving, and of this we are indeed in charge. Good for you and your dad!

  2. Dear J,

    That is a wonderful thing to hear from a parent and I know about timely (;)) right now. You are loved too and that is the important thing. Let me know how goes it in never-never land and the like, if you know what I mean. I truly hope good things happen from the challenges you face.

    Peace and love, your friend, X.

    P.S. lemon and honey in hot water daily, avoid dairy if you can.

  3. P.P.S. He is adorable and very thoughtful looking for a little guy.