Wednesday, 21 October 2009

*cough, cough* and a mind all over the place!

Thank goodness it isn't the flu, but I've got a bit of a cold forming (so far cough drops have been helping, but for some reason, I can't sleep so well).  My little one is feeling better though still tired, which is to be expected.  I am so thankful that he has been eating and drinking this whole time...I've been up since 3:50am and commercials before 6 am (heck even after) are hilarious...male enhancement, weight loss, household necessities, and make up that makes you look amazingly younger and less spotty are an insomniac's only comfort.  Oh, and let me not forget cash for gold, lol!

OK friends, gonna relax a little and enjoy Reno 911 then knock out some work on orders :) ...I've got three projects working ~ leg warmers, two bags for teenagers, and two ACEOs ~ I love it! ...I thought a picture of the "Yarn Soup" neck warmer (with tough girl face) was in order since the fall/winter sickness season is upon us!

Love and hugs,


  1. Ohhh, stay cozy and warm and hopefully it will pass quickly! I have a feeling that knitting your sweet treasures will be healing in itself!
    hugs from far away so no germs can be transmitted !;)

  2. glad to hear your feeling better and happy that you are busy!