Monday, 19 October 2009

Hey guys!

Hey guys!  This flu is a trip...try and stay well, ok?  The little person is showing signs of steady improvement, thank goodness!

Here are the pictures of the completed sweater dress.  It's 100% wool and 100% happiness! When I started I had a vision for this, but the collar wasn't quite right and the racer back wasn't as pronounced as I wanted, so I had to undo it (sides were already sewn together so that was interesting and sort of fun!)

Like I said, this dress represents more than a dress, it's about moving forward in trusting my creative instincts and love for fashion...not looking for easy ways to appeal to everybody/the end of seeking approval on a whole nother level...
The dress, like living in my skin, is amazingly comfortable.  I am amazingly comfortable in my skin, whoo hooo!!  That's something to celebrate.

The undoing and redoing were so worth it, I'm happy with the back of the dress, I learned it was about patience and focus...not rushing through and not worrying about when I can't quite see what the end will be.  Ahem, do I hear a life lesson in this?  I feel so much love and excitement...yarn + tools = ROCKS!!


  1. Fun dress ! I like the racer back very much ! I think I like the lessons that you learned about your own creatove process the best though ! Knit on, Talented One ! And keep that wand waving those flu bugs away.
    Big hugs to you !

  2. I love this sweater dress... omgosh!