Thursday, 8 October 2009

A creative challenge ~ Go There.

Hey guys! I came into knitting with a desire for leg warmers and a love for color. I ended up with a passion and a medium that has challenged me in ways I didn't expect. The process isn't one that I can speed through so I'm pushed to be patient. At the same time, I feel a drive to be authentic in my expression through knitting and crochet. It's been interesting, fun and maddening! Where is there for you? What's been challenging you creatively or otherwise? *Hugs* to you ang cheers to going there!


  1. You go there, Girl ! You have chosen a challenging path to put creativity into knitting which has some definite rules and lines to follow. But that may well be what you like, having that extra challenge of making it work and expressing yourself within those lines. I certainly see the Jeniifer in all your knitting choices so I guess you are going exactly where you need to go.
    I am being challenged by finding a clear focus and in combining my need for a community of artists and finding space for my own self-expression. I want both !!! Just gotta figure out how to fit it all in, weave it or knit it together, if you will.
    Loved your comment from the last visit. I so love the connection we have !
    Happy Thursday Creative One !

  2. Happy Thursday, Jennifer! I can completely understand the need to be creative in a somewhat restrictive form - I am working on the same thing with patchwork and quilting. I get really bored making the same block over and over again! I've been really inspired by the work of other quilters - for example, there is a woman named Gwen Marston who does "Liberated Quilting" and she is so inspiring!

    Unfortunately, I am in the same boat re being busy and am just trying to keep my head above water right time to sew.

    Looking forward to seeing your dress!

  3. P.S. Forgot to say that my friends who do the yarn arts (knitting, crocheting, spinning, etc.) highly recommend the Ravelry community at . You may already be on there, but thought I'd mention it just in case.

  4. Dear Jenjen,

    Are you going there, really, you gonna go there, uhuh?

    Love that "Go there", I agree and like how you emphasised it, I smiled and laughed much.

    Personally, my challenge is FINISHING this project I am working on (writing) and not stopping, unless for food and water... I have to not blog for today but yours was a priority, naturally. Peace and love, x