Monday, 14 September 2009


Hey guys! I don't know why the video starts with such an unflattering shot of me and the motion is sort of slowed down, yikes! I have lots to learn... Anyhow, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I did, but now I'm sleepy. I tried sleeping a little while I walked in to the office, but 3 second naps don't work :(

For this post, I need to provide some references in case you missed the instances I mentioned, so here's Kanye West and Joe Wilson in their outbursty glory! Are you the outbursty type? What would you burst out about?


  1. Not an outbursty type myself either...unless I see a big injustice done towards a child or towards someone really vulnerable. Then I might take on a bully if I have too. I am more of a "make you feel very guilty" type when I have to be.
    Hope you fingers get some rest and the rest of you ...more than 3 seconds !
    Happy Monday !

  2. That was fun, I am not outbursty either but do step up if someone is out of line. I read about the Kanye thing, we don't watch the VMA's much here but don't get me wrong, having a bunch of overpaid "musicians" whining about who gets what in the spoils of pop, well, not that bothered.

    I do find it funny though how people rushed to condemn him, it's just an award show, you know?

    I hope you got some sleep, the knit dress looks interesting. I might one day ask you to make me one, if I decide to treat myself.

    As for Shane, you totally reminded me of this,

    check ZIS vid out around the 3:23 mark:

  3. Fun video Clarity! Judging from the comedy clips on your blog, I'd say I love your sense of what's funny :)

    That Kanye thing was so weird, but I guess all is resolved now!

  4. Jennifer you are so warm and inviting-these vlogs are the best! I wanna have you over for diet coke and cake (I'm addicted to both).

    Outbursty? Never, I'm more of an assertive, methodical, go home and write all of the people directly and indirectly involved lengthy letters. Or, in the worst case scenario, an eye-rolling lip pursing, head shaker.