Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Accidental Waving

Hey guys :)  Just a little reflection on a big embarrassing problem I have! I'm not running late today, nor am I sleepy, so I predict good things for the day ahead, lol.  Oh, I keep forgetting to post pics of the first sweater I did, so I'll do that soon.  It's really a fun piece I think! Anyhow, what are you looking forward to today?  My hopes for great times :)


  1. Have to say I am sooooo loving your videos. My hubby has started watching them too when he hears me laughing like crazy in my studio as I watch you ! :)
    About your little problem...I say just use the great, enthusiastic, full-on, beautiful Jennifer wave whenever the impulse takes you, stranger or acquaintance or best friend !You see, it isn't you who has the problem. It is the wave receivers who are missing out on that gift of happy connection that you are making ! "Life is too short to worry about looking silly." is my brave new mantra. Wanna join me ? Maybe we could do Mantra Mondays and not worry about how we look to others and just be our shiny selves on Mondays ? Mondays seem like a day that people really need a good wave !
    Love you, girlfriend ! I am off on my magical adventure and taking you with me in my heart !

  2. Aww Kim, thank you!! I'm having so much fun, but I was worried I was the only one, lol :) Thank you for the Mantra Monday idea...I LOVE it and I'm totally on board with you. The mantra rocks :) Giant hugs and love you too friend!! Have fun :)

  3. I laughed out loud! This is wonderful, I seldom see anyone so I don't really have a waving problem. I do get easily overwhelmed by people (more than 3) so to avoid the awkward waving deal, I pretend to be searching for something at the botton of my yeah, it's a problem...kinda.

  4. Blogger really gets me. I left a comment and now it's wiped off the face of the blogosphere.

    They should change the rules of waving. Everyone should have vigorous wave whenever they see one coming their way.