Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sugar Free Me Day and a Little Love Story

Hey guys!! It's sugar free Wednesday (or salt free mish :))  Just a day to love your body and such.  I am incredibly late so I have to apologize for stumbling a bit and I still have to figure out where to look!!  Any experts out there...give me a hint, pleeeease.  OK, I must go I hope you have an awesome day! 


  1. Oh My God ! You are too funny ! I was laughing out loud at this "love story" !Your storytelling is amazing. I am so glad you lived to tell about it !

    I will try and keep up with you on the no sugar thing today. Meals are pretty easy - it is the 2:30 munchies and the "after-supper, what's next ?", I am worried about. But I do kind of love this body...
    Have a super Wednesday, Funny One !

  2. Oh I'm concerned - not getting sound now. I want to hear this story!

    As for Sugar-free Wednesday, woops too late. I had a portuguese tart - custardy and soso. I keep dreaming of baking your lovely pancake recipe...

  3. sugar free wednesday? Love the idea!

  4. That's a really nice story (although I have to admit "Did she unplug it?!" was the first thing I thought too when you said you put the fork in the toaster!)

    Hope your sugar-free day went well!

    P.S. no clue about the video. I really dislike being videotaped so I think you are very brave - and you look great!

  5. I heard it at last! Isn't it sweet? You were talking about pancakes and I mentioned them earlier without hearing your pancake story?

    This toaster thing intrigues me, do you use a bag for the batter and then dip it in there? It sound much healthier than the oiled skillet.

    I think it is good he asked and absolutely necessary :)

  6. I did a sugar free wednesday ! It was pretty easy when I just kept your sweet face in my head when the sugar demon tried to attack !
    Hope your weekend was good !

  7. I need more info on sugar-free Wednesdays...I don't do sugar as a habit...just how sugar free are we talking?! drop me a line...

    As for the story, I totally thought-"Oh no, unplug the toaster" because I think I can defy all matter of electricity and gravity when I'm in a hurry! We have sweet (level-headed) husbands. :)