Friday, 9 April 2010

You Skinny Niche! Part 2: Finding the sweet spot

I had a couple of people express interest in finding their niche after my first skinny niche post, yay! To me, finding your niche is more like finding that sweet spot where what's inside matches what you put out as much as possible. It isn't just about your art or product, it's about the images you use, descriptions, everything. So let's get to it and enjoy the amazing shops who I think have found the sweet spot (click on the images or shop names to visit)!

sustainable wallet by rikrak

Some people are fortunate to just know what their focus is. Others are fortunate to have multiple abilities and passions or be what some called "multipotentialed". Whichever fits you best, I think a few questions can help guide you in your right direction:

Ballerina Girl Dress by whitejupiterdreams

Who am I? This is so important because almost all of the good marketing advice you get will tell you that you can't be all things to all people and that's ok. It's worth it to ask and reask this question. As it becomes clearer imagine the weight of trying to please everyone roll off, while your actual audience cheers you on! Check out olivebites, not only does she give kick butt adivce, but I feel like she really is who she is and I appreciate that!

Candy Earrings (I'm wearing these now, well not *these*, but you know...) by hollygems

What am I trying to communicate? Does what I make and how I present it feel consistent with that? If not keep tweaking. My friend Carolyn has a wonderful blog that shows the work she's putting in to getting her photography where she wants it. (I happen to think it's already amazing and needs no improvement.) I love reading her blog to be inspired to not to give up!

Who are my favorites?
Check out your favorites online, magazines, wherever...what are you drawn to? What does your favorites say about you? You don't have to emulate them, but they can give you cluse as to what you value and how to project your unique voice. I strongly suggest you spend a lot of time reading Etsy Success. In the Business section of the forums and the Storque blog, you'll find a crazy amount of helpful info.

OK good people! I hope this is helpful to you! I've had fun :)

Have a great weekend! *love and niche-y hugs* Jen

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  1. Some good advice here, Niche-y Lady !

    Not quite where I am at yet - still trying to figure out if I want to make a living at my art - leaning more towards teaching or providing a creative environment for others to safely express and explore their own creativity...the same principles will apply...when I get there.
    Hope you have a creative weekend, Lovely Girl !