Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I think I was a blow fish in my former life...

I really do, because whatever I eat makes me get all puffy! Hello 35 and trying to shed a few :) I have to laugh. I had this goal of losing 12 lbs by my birthday (4/30, whooo hooo), but as I creep up on that date, I have only lost 3 and struggle to keep them off. The struggle is in my head as much as me belly.

I haven't quit though. I run and walk and think and re-think my strategy. Yesterday as I was running, though, it felt like I was in a huge fight with my whole body, my self asked me..."Why are you running?" I thought, hmmmm, I guess I'm not running to punish myself for not being a skinny mini. I'm not running just to shed a few either because it will return if I quit...I run because it makes me feel amazing. It clears my head. My body seems to enjoy it more than any other thing I could do...I'm running because I love to.

I have to remember this...do what you love and the results will come, right? It is part discipline, yeah, but I love feeling good, I love eating well, so if I just keep doing what I love and kill the bad habits that I don't love (but am attached to)...the results (not skinny mini - that just isn't my body type - but healthy happy) will come!


  1. This is SO the theme for you, me and so very many people around me right now ! Where do you get the discipline and the strong commitment to stick to doing what is good for you. We all know what is good for us, so why is it so hard to do it ?
    I think you have struck gold with the key of doing what makes your body, mind and soul happy to get you there. I just got back from grocery shopping and worked with that a little. Picked up the yummy green stuff - asparagus, baby bok choy, snow peas, and a couple of artichokes. That was easy because I am loving that stuff right now., The hard part came with not picking up the 50% off Easter candies like thise mini raspberry three musketeer bars or those easter cream eggs. Then I aske dthe question - do you really want those ? Are they just a way of numbing yourself or even punsihing yourself in some bizarre way ? The answer was yes and for today, I resisted. No junk food came home with me. Guess now I should be celebrating that. Well, looky here, I am ! I am telling my friend about what I accomplished and I know she is going to get it too !
    Let's do this for ourselves, and with a ton of loving and celebrating along the way. Here's to doing good today, right in this minute.
    Much love to you, Fantastic Running Girl !

  2. I'm glad you like running - I wish I did! I think exercise really helps one feel better.

    P.S. I quit consciously dieting about 10 years ago - I have some thyroid issues and what I eat doesn't seem to make much difference to my weight since my metabolism is kind of whacky. It's been really freeing!

  3. Great honest post..just where so many are at! As a fitness trainer & sports coach, There really are ways to shed pounds, feel good and love it all! Mostly I commented though because I live east of Cleveland! Thought I'd say hi! I'm off to tweet about you! (beyond_5 on twitter)

  4. it's all about feeling good, rather than being skinny minny. good for you for staying on track! ;)