Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saturday @ 6am

Hey guys! I'm making cupcakes this morning for my sis with buttercream frosting from scratch! I'll share photos tomorrow. I am sooo psyched because I love cupcakes and have been wanting to make them from scratch for a while. *cross your fingers*

Working on business stuff too. I plan to post soon on finding your niche, specially when you lurve everything. Can't wait!!

I hope you are well. Let me know what's happening hot stuffs!


  1. I adore that you are baking - recipes, you know where to send ;)

    What you are going to knit, entrepreneur? Go on, tell, X

    P.S. My sister makes us hummus too - homemade is so much better honey. Peace

  2. I was up early this morning too ! Trying to catch up a little with Blogand and also anxious to get some Mexico inspired art work on the we are two hours later and I am thinking I need to go back to be for a while ! ;) It is rainy and gray and my man is relaxing in his chair with a book. I think the art will have to wait as the smooth cotton sheets and the coziness of my pup on the bed beside me calls...
    Have fun with the cupcakes, Cupcake ! Happy Saturday !