Thursday, 25 February 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hey all! This vid is sooo random, enjoy :)

*love and hugs*

Egg cozy outakes:

Apparently cozy spelled with an "s"...cosy...but I can't do it. I just don't like it.

The green one is too little. I'll have to make it longer.

That's all :) Cross your fingers for me too, OK? Tell you why later!


  1. lol Love it! Made my morning :D

  2. Oh, I had lost you !!! My rss feed didn't follow your change ! It will now...

    Love the egg cozies - I think Momma Chickens would too. ;) And I will always spell cozy with a "z" ! Just works for me too.

    Packing for the trip...trying to pack all the art journal toys that want to come with me in one little bag...very hard !

    I leave Sunday for Montreal and then we fly our on Tuesday am at 8:00. I feel sooooo lucky !
    Other than that excitement, life has been relatively quiet - I am hoping that the flighty sunshine-y-ness will be much closer when I get back from my trip !
    Big love to you, my re-found Friend !

  3. Hee, hee I'm glad I'm re-found! Your trip sounds so delightful! Have fun celebrating :)

  4. Why don't I have these egg cozys in my fridge right now!

  5. Oh no Lala, ask them if they're cozy in the fridge, lol! Aren't they fun?