Sunday, 21 February 2010

Gray, Yellow, and finally a New Year's Resolution!

I am completely smitten with gray and yellow. Hopelessly devoted, for now :)

I looked up the meaning of both and decided that for me the two represent a balance of grounded steadiness and sunny flightiness (for lack of better terms). Hmmmm, these describe someone I know...
I made bows. Here's a "little" one constructed from an eco-acrylic blend yarn.

I made a slouchy hat of the same yarn. I love stripes as much as I love gray and yellow!

I made a chunky bow...I know my husband wonders why his wife makes bows, leg warmers and wristbands with hearts. I have wondered this myself. I also wonder why I am itching to paint a lavender and leopard print little painting. I've decided to give myself permission to not have an answer...sounds awesome, not easy. The battle of gray and yellow!

The kid and I finished his Lego Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle yesterday, lots of gray and yellow, ahhh! *And* my New Year's resolution...move slowly, permit myself to create with my sunny flighty self, with my steady-mindedness, take care of the details. I am an artist and a business women. Let that sink in deeply. Ask for help when I need it. I love this :)

What are you up to?
*love and hugs*

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