Tuesday, 26 January 2010


So the little person has requested a new blanket (to be named Monkey 2) and above is one of three yarns he has chosen. The other two look really nice together (lichen green and terra cotta orange), not necessarily with this one, so it will be interesting.
In the process, I actually took it a part and started over fearing that it didn't look right. I soon realized that it won't look quite right till it's done. Hmmm, I love it when my work speaks to me about my life. I mean, not that on my death bed things will make sense ~ how depressing would that be!?!? I mean more in the you have to keep going and then at some point things look a little clearer sense. I decided to move forward not knowing how it will look from row to row, but knowing that I have good guidelines, it'll be cool :)
I'd appreciate all positive thoughts/vibes as the Mr. is fully engaged in a job seeking mission!!
*love and hugs*
Oh...I forgot I called this post "Energy!" You can ignore that, I was going in a totally different direction :D

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  1. Positive energies going out to the Mr. on his job search!

    I like your outlook...many things are happening for me although not really taking "shape"-good to know I'm not alone in my abstract thinking.