Monday, 7 December 2009

Monday Stuff

Hey guys! How's it going? Things are cool here :) I am falling helplessly in love with art, design, and other people's blogs. I spent some time clicking on my favorites favorites and wow! I also deleted one off of my thought-it-was-my-favorites...why do people think it's cool to be cruel to celebrities? I get the argument that they've opened themselves to the public, but shoot, I'd hate it if at my job people started publishing my crap and critiquing the fact that my pants did nothing to hide my thighs, you know? Plus, it's easy to recklessly pick someone else apart, but the real work is turning your own creative energy into something productive and interesting. Not that there isn't room for opinions and such, but just being mean..not cool. Anyhow, it's gone now and I invite you to visit the links to the left (the other left) for some real, quality bloggage :) *slides soap box back to the corner*

Being creative and appreciating creativity is such a blessing and a gift. Enjoy the pic of heart-melting butterscotch yarn balls. Speaking of heart-melting...I've been listening to this song for about 3 days now... Have a wonderful day!

*love and hugs*


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  1. Love and hugs back at you , Beautiful Colorful Girl !
    Happy monday !