Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Boss

Hey guys! This is one of those times that I am not quite sure why the universe provided me such a little voice to say big things..but it's all good. I really just wanted "The Boss" to sound much bigger and more powerful because that's how I feel it! I'm really excited about the pieces I've created to work on the pictures. It is no joke communicating to your audience through pictures that they can resonate with. It's a work in progress for me. One that requires lots of patience and lots of shots, lol! Anyhow, I didn't actually talk about that much in the post...maybe the next one.

I hope that all is well in the world with you. My husband graduates in 2 and half weeks so I'm asking for lots of thoughts/positive vibes/prayers as he looks for a job and we continue to chart our charge of our lives and being The Boss(es)!

*love and hugs*


  1. Love the Boss - would be perfect in Montreal winters too !
    So happy that your creative juices are flowing so well. Long may they flow...
    Happy December !

  2. oh that scarf is the boom!1!
    You look so much like my family up in Ohio... I swear and ur last name is davis.. wait wait now.. lol

  3. oh thats my last name also... to add to that... bonggssss

  4. Thanks Harvest Girl...*huge smiles... You never know about the relative thing. I'm a Davis by marriage, but I think we do have some Davises down the line in my birth fam too.

  5. lots of luck to your hubby !
    being the boss of your life is a good's taken us a very long time to realize that, but we are working on it....

    and I love the scarf....

  6. Thanks beth :) I know...the boss thing is definitely a work in progress in my life too, but good work indeed :)

  7. Nice! You're a true artist! Good energy going your way right now!

  8. Thanks Craig...all the good energy is much appreciated!