Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A little 80's vibe today :)

Hey guys :)  Hope the lighting is better!  (You can get a better sense of the colors of the dress in the blog header.)  Have a great day and many smiles to you :)


  1. BTW, good luck with the new blog... LOVE the name!

  2. Ha! Thanks Carolyn...you make me laugh laughing,lol :)

    We'll see how this goes...fun so far and in the right direction for me...I just need to work on lighting!!

  3. You are hilarious, Miss Solid Gold !!! Love it ! You made me laugh out loud !

    I am working on an art journal for a swap with my pals in Canada. Arlene and I are each making a journal with painted pages and prompts in it for one another. I am also working on little gifties to bring with me to Squam (my art retreat is in 12 days !!!!!). Besides that, I am working on staying calm and not worrying too much about those $$$ concerns.
    Keep up that Solid Work, Beautiful ONe !