Monday, 31 August 2009

Jennifer Unravelled!

Hey Guys! It's me, Jennifer. Here's a little test video of my new vision for my blog :) It's so dark, it looks like I want to keep my identity secret...sorry about that!


  1. You are adorable, nice mood lighting :) Is that a southern accent I detect? That is lovely and may your magic wand follow you here too.

  2. Awww! Thanks Clarity :) I'm actually a midwesterner, Ohio, to be exact, but I've been told that I have a drawl and I love makes me feel interesting, lol!

  3. Oh, I finally got back to you ! I had added you to my feed when you had unravelled with two L's and then it said the blog no longer existed ! Now I found you by back tracking to your old blog ! I missed you ! And what a treat to hear your voice and see you in action a little ! I have to say it was kind of you that inspired me to put it out there this week too. My favorite thing about this video ? Your giggle !!! Just how I expected my sweet friend with the wand to giggle !