Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Should I stay or should I go?

Well not me, my hair! I've had locs for a few years now...can't remember how many, but somewhere around 4 or 5 and I want a change. Don't want to straighten it since I don't think it fits my personality, don't want it super short (spent most of my 20's with super short and straight for the most part so would like something new, but it is cute short), and growing out my frizzy, kinky and curly (it's each of these in different places) hair promises to add a few extra minutes to my morning routine 0_O!

My husband says "It's just hair". He's a smart man, but that leaves me with no strong advocate in any direction.

I'm closer than ever to having my lip balm formula done and ready for production. Did I tell you I'm making lip balm?

*love and hugs*


  1. This is the advice I give to all loc growers. Before you cut them, go to a loc stylist and get them groomed and put into a cool style to see if that is different enough. Might just need a new style, maybe not new hair.

  2. Hey!! I had a feeling this was you before I clicked :) That's a great idea. YOu know I was thinking about combing them out, but dang, that is a lot of work. I've done them myself from the start so going it probably *is* about time to consult someone. I have an aversion to hair salons, but that is a whole nother story!!

  3. well...i'd have to agree with jewelry rockstar...i'm on my 2nd (technically 3rd) set of locks...and my second set (which i maintained myself and started myself) i had for 4 years...one day i just wanted change...went to the barber and had him cut them off...he didn't even want to do it!

    i didn't regret it...BUT...i wish i would of just got them groomed and styled...

    with my locks now..i hope i never reach that point of getting tired of them...but if i do...i will definitely think first...for more than a few hours...lol...i think 4 years is long to have any style...so it just may be a change of pace you need...

    just my $.2