Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mais oui Monsieur

Last year I made a green one of these for someone's nephew and my son insisted on having one of his own. He looks very French to me (or like Magnum P.I., lol!) Anyhow, the kid and his buddies were pulling the apple out and pretending that it was the apple guy's brain that he was eating...ew, but ok if it gets him to eat his apples!

One of his friends really loved it and has been asking me for months to make him one. I kept saying ok, but this weekend I finally finished! After months of the highest pitched "When am I gonna get my apple holderrrrr" that I ever heard, the goods were delivered. Word from the kid (my son) was that his buddy was really happy! Apparently he said "Yay!" Success :)

OK, I gotta get moving. I'm sneezing up a storm thanks to a spring transition cold. Must get well because Thursday's a big day!! I'll fill you in :)

*love and hugs* Jen


  1. So cute! And I definitely see the resemblence with Magnum...lol

  2. I'll be back to get caught up...but I wanted to tell you that you won the giveaway on my blog...hit me up with your address darling! :P

  3. Ha ha - it does look like Magnum! Really cute!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog - I have been so bad about blogging and visiting! I hope you are feeling better by now.

    And thanks so much for your good wishes for Jenny – I am so proud of her! She was born with a physical disability which caused many issues early on, especially in school, but has worked through it to the point where no one can tell she is disabled. I think she will really be able to help children because of this experience (and because she's just a great person, of course!)