Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Greek Yogurt: Pleasure and Angst

Happy Tuesday! I put the chicken breast in the microwave to thaw so all is well here :0) I don't think you can hear Christian that well. He was introducing Bessie and Racer X.

Thanks again for all who hoped with me that my hubs would get the job. It means a lot to us.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. The vis should work even thought it's just a black box. I'm not sure why that's happened.

*love and hugs* Jen


  1. Congrats on the hubby Job!!! Yay!!!! I wanted to buy some greek Yogurt the other day, but hubby kinda scoffed when I told him it was a new trend. I didn't really know why to buy it, so fill me in.

  2. Thanks!! You gotta tell your hubs that he'll *lurve* greek yogurt once he starts eating it. It's thick and rich, really high in protein and filling. I mixing w/high fiber granola or having a piece of fruit, is perfect for breakfast I think. It's been my staple for the las few weeks.