Thursday, 10 December 2009


Happy Thursday good people! I hope that all is well with you :) I has an early start so I could get some projects done so I'll be a mess in 3...2...zzzzzz, lol!

In other news, tonight is my little guys winter concert at the school. He's so excited and has been sings the same two lines and doing the same two dance moves for days...It goes a little something like this "Wrong or right" *thumbs up thumbs down*, "Black or white", *an funky leg thing and a snap*. He's such a little performer...where'd he get that from, hmmmmmm?

OK friends, have a great day and check Kim's blog out...I mentioned it in the video and you'll love it!




  1. fascinating, indeed ! Cutest of headgear!
    I think all of us are born with an artisit inside - the type of expression that our inner artist chooses varies but being creative and leaving our own mark on the planet...I think that is in all of our souls.

    Happy Creating and enjoy the show tonight !

  2. Hey Lady!!!

    How have you been? It's been ages since I've popped by, and I LUV what you've done with the blog ;-)

    Hope your well.


    Ayanna xxooo