Monday, 28 September 2009

Hey there!!

Hey guys! Don't you love that face I'm making. I don't know why this thing captures the worst possible moment as the opening shot, lol! Sorry I was gone last week. Things got so hectic!! I'm back now and I broke one of my lights so it's a little dark again...we'll get that fixed! Anyhow, here are the links to the awesome things I mentioned in the video

PUREnaturalMinerals on Etsy and Loves Gumbo

Have a great day guys! *Hugs*


  1. Fun stuff. I'm not skilled at makeup application, so I'd likely bring Mimi (Drew Craey Show) back in lieu of sexy a la JT.

    I read your Love's Gumbo interview, good job! Have a great Monday and welcome back!

  2. Last week was crazy here too, so I can understand! In fact I need to apologize for neglecting to comment for so long.

    I'm sorry about the craft show - we have some friends that do shows and they say sometimes they are really slow. But they have fun talking to the other vendors.

    Hope it was a good Monday!

  3. Glad you are back. I was here and there and all over the place since coming back from Squam and it looks like that is going to continue this week too. It is all good though, and I am kind of loving the pace !
    Glad that you found the silver lining in the craft fair experience - that is what it is all about, right, those silver linings ? Or silver eye liner, maybe ? To go with the sexy eyeshadows ?
    Here's to pick me ups in what ever shape they take ! Good job, Jennifer !

  4. Hey guys! I just love you guys so much!! Be seeing you at *your place*.

  5. Welcome back Jennifer honey. I am not getting sound again, this cardneedsfixing.

    You look adorable though and I am checking out the links sweetie.